Types Of Cervical Support Pillows

types of orthopedic pillows

Polyester fiberfill pillows

Let’s look at the question of how to choose an orthopedic pillow, because they differ not only in cost, but also their shapes, sizes and types of fillers. One of the most affordable can be called a pillows, which have a filler material based on small balls of polyester.

When a person lies down on a pillow balls diverge on either side, supporting the head and neck in proper position. The material is completely hygienic, besides, such a pillow can be washed in a conventional washing machine, if it’s necessary. They are quite durable, the average life span is about eight years, but if you are choosing an orthopedic pillow, you should pay attention to the quality of production – their stitches must be durable.

Latex orthopedic pillows

The other wide group includes a foam latex orthopedic pillows, by the way, it’s a natural material that produced from the sap of special rubber plants. Actually, this, as well as its unique properties and durability can be attributed to relatively high prices for this bedroom accessory. Typically, these pillows have a special anatomical shape with a recess for the head and neck support rollers. They differ both in hardness and height.

Memory Foam pillows

There are other, more modern and technologically advanced fillers for orthopedic pillows, such as Memory Foam, having the property to “remember” the shape of the position of a sleeping man’s head by heating the material a natural human body heat. In all movements, Memory Foam gently support the neck and head, without causing back pressure. The absence of pressure improves blood circulation, which reduces anxiety and the number of turns during the sleep.